Founded in June of 2019, Save Standard Time is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-issue, volunteer-run effort. Presenting concerns of scientists and advocates, Save Standard Time works to educate the public and lobby lawmakers to preserve and extend the observation of Standard Time, for the better health, safety, prosperity, and freedom of all citizens.

An immense amount of time is invested into researching history, following news updates, reading past and new legislation, indexing articles and studies, updating this website and social media, composing letters and emails, making phone calls, discussing issues with experts in relevant fields of study, meeting with legislators, and keeping track of all data and progress. The work demands full-time attention.

Save Standard Time also has financial costs, such as printing, postage, mailbox rental, website hosting, and travel. It costs $1.43 to print and mail one recipient a business envelope with four double-sided sheets of paper (eg a letter, an endorsement list, and two news articles). It costs $2.72 for seven sheets in a letter-size envelope. With Congress having 535 members, and with over 60 legislatures in the US and Canada having up to 120 members each, the cost to contact groups of lawmakers can become considerable.

Your donation defrays these burdens, and more importantly, it proves the viability of this cause and moves Save Standard Time closer to qualification for tax-deductible registration. Any amount given is greatly appreciated. Please also email if you’d like to join Save Standard Time as a board member. Thank you!

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