Citizens demand an end to clock changes. But which clock should be kept?

Politicians in North America today lean toward permanent Daylight Saving Time (DST). DST has long been promoted by special-interest corporate industries like Big Oil, Big Golf, and Big Candy. Several countries (including the US) have tried and reverted permanent DST before (after the loss of money and children’s lives).

Circadian scientists and children’s advocates warn permanent DST is more harmful than clock changes; they urge instead for permanent Standard Time. Data and history show permanent Standard Time is the best clock for public health, public safety, scholastic potential, workplace productivity, individual wages, energy usage, environmental preservation, and religious freedom. Professional polling shows most Americans want permanent Standard Time.

Permanent Standard Time is the quickest way to end clock changes in the US, because Congress already permits states to restore it (permanent DST is federally forbidden). Permanent Standard Time has been happily observed in Arizona, Hawaii, all US territories, and most countries worldwide for decades.

Legislate by data, not anecdote. End—don't extend—DST.