Citizens demand an end to clock changes. But which clock should be kept?

Scores of organizations representing millions of scientists, doctors, teachers, parents, and community leaders urge for permanent Standard Time. Data and history show that geographically appropriate, permanent Standard Time is the best civil clock for health, safety, education, productivity, wages, environment, and civil liberty. Clocks are not arbitrary; Standard Time is an objective approximation of solar time, which is biologically entrained in our every living cell.

Permanent Standard Time is also the quickest way for states to end clock change in North America. The US 1966 Uniform Time Act permits any state to opt out of seasonal DST and restore permanent Standard Time without congressional action (permanent DST is federally prohibited). Permanent Standard Time has been observed in Arizona, Hawaii, all five populated US territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands), and most countries worldwide for many decades.

Unfortunately, a few special interests (retail, golf, and tourism) seek to extend DST into winter and make its false clock permanent. Scientists warn permanent DST is more harmful than clock changes. Several countries (including the US) have previously tried and reverted permanent DST (but not without loss of money and lives).

Join the movement to save Standard Time. Legislate by data, not anecdote. End—don’t extend—DST. Restore permanent Standard Time, the natural time defined by the sun, for health and prosperity.