Religious Freedom

Standard Time has been known as “God’s time”123 to many farmers and religious populations, for its proximity to natural (solar) time. DST’s arbitrarily added hour disrupts time-based prayers, creates scheduling conflicts for worshipers each morning and night, and places undue burden on their surrounding communities and businesses.

Judaism, for example, calls for daily prayers that are timed to sunrise, but permanent DST’s artificially delayed sunrises would force morning prayers to overlap with work hours in winter. Other observations are timed to sunset, and permanent DST’s artificial delay of sunset reduces the number of business that remain open into twilight.4567

Agudath Israel of America,6 Agudath Israel of Florida,5 and Agudath Israel of Chicago7 have all opposed permanent DST, citing civil liberties and religious freedom. See Save Standard Time’s list of policy endorsements for additional organizations and individuals of note who reject permanent DST and support permanent Standard Time.

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