Public Safety

DST risks the lives of commuting children and adults, whether we observe it seasonally or year-round.123

The springtime change to DST shocks the human circadian system with a sudden loss of 40 minutes of sleep on average.4 This disruption negatively affects reaction times,5 which causes traffic deaths in the US to spike 17% the Monday after changing to DST.6 The increase in road deaths persists at a rate of 5.6%7 to 6%8 the remaining week after changing. A minimum average of 28 lives per year are lost due to “springing forward”.8 Other studies estimate as many as 195 motorists’ and 171 pedestrians’ lives each year are lost.9

Proponents of DST claim that DST’s artificial shift of daylight from morning to evening reduces traffic deaths. The data proves otherwise. Lack of visibility is a contributing factor in DST-related traffic deaths, but sleep deprivation is the stronger cause,810 and permanent DST makes sleep deprivation chronically worse.1112

Permanent DST would force most citizens to start school or work before sunrise for a third of the year (whereas most do not now).11131415161718 Mornings are the worst time for dark commutes, when grogginess from lack of sleep (19 minutes average lost every night under DST)1920212223 is strongest for walking or busing children, inexperienced teen drivers, and driving adults alike.2425 Motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of accidental death in the US.7 70% of all US pedestrian deaths occur under darkness, and 20% of all US pedestrians killed are children.26 In 1974, eight children’s lives were taken on dark winter mornings in just one month of permanent DST in Florida.92728

The National Education Association,28 the National School Boards Association,28 the National PTA,29 the American Federation of Teachers,28 and the German Teachers’ Association30 have all opposed permanent DST, citing children’s safety. The Association of Canadian Ergonomists has opposed permanent DST and endorsed permanent Standard Time, citing concerns for public health and safety.31 See Save Standard Time’s list of policy endorsements for additional organizations and individuals of note who reject permanent DST and support permanent Standard Time.

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